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"'I can hear your message.' This was the comment of a hard of hearing parishioner last Sunday.  The ALD-40 Assistive Listening package is easy to set up and connected directly into our church sound board. The individual units are easy to set up and instruct in its use."


Halifax, PA



"This tour guide system is built solid, the body packs are great with a fantastic range from the base unit, and I got over 400 ft without any dropouts."




"My church began having issues with interference overpowering our hearing assistance devices.  We tried relocating the Williams transmitter directly into the sanctuary, but this had no effect.  We borrowed a Telex system from another church, but the interference persisted.  I learned that Anchor Audio made a UHF Assistive Listening system and placed an order for the ALB-40 basic package.  The first time we used the system it performed perfectly.  There was no interference whatsoever and the audio quality was markedly better than the other two units we had.  Thank you Anchor for bringing an excellent product to the marketplace."

First Baptist Church

Newark, Ohio



"We ordered these units to use as a translation device for our church and it far exceeded our expectations. 
Our old system was a listening aid type devise and the Tour-60 package out-performed it by a huge margin (both in range and sound quality).
  Also, this unit is very portable so you can easily take it with you to another location if needed.
  We were so happy with the Assistive Listening system that we went ahead and purchased a second set right away.
  Compared to other portable units out there, this is by far one of the best value.  
The quality and construction of the unit is also very impressive.  I would highly recommend this product to others."

Washington Baptist Church

Bethesda, MD




"The Tour Guide Package is an Assistive Listening System is designed to help hard of hearing people better understand speech, music, and other sounds during a movie, performance, lecture, meeting, or worship service. It includes four AL-WB belt pack receivers with in-ear headphones, and a WB-6000 wireless belt pack transmitter with a headband mic. Use it for Tours, Houses of Worship, Theaters, Cinemas, Auditoriums, and Classrooms."