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"Portable Sound Systems" What Does That Mean?

When you hear "Portable Audio" or "Portable Sound Systems" what comes to mind? Maybe a boombox, an MP3 player, or a full DJ setup with speakers, mixers and amplifiers to power it all? Anchor Audio has re-defined what Portable Sound means with our line of battery-powered, all-in-one sound systems and public address (PA) systems that are ready to use right out of the box.


What does Portable Sound System Mean to Anchor Audio?

When we say Portable Sound System, what we mean is that everything you're going to need is already built into our speakers. A typical Anchor Audio portable speaker comes standard with battery power and a built-in mixer and amplifier.  So you'll never have to run countless feet of audio and power cables to power a system outdoors or have to worry about an external mixer and amplifier.  Our systems also come standard with several microphone choices and an optional built-in CD or MP3 player or AIR wireless transmitter or receiver. Additionally, most of our systems have a 3.5 mm line-in jack which can be used to plug in a multitude of external devices, like a smart phone, iPod, laptop, or anything else you can plug headphones into. Now, a quality portable sound system will come ready to use, straight out of the box, with no training required.

Anchor sound systems are unique because they can go wherever the audience is.  This is important when you don't have the option of bringing your audience to a conference room, lecture hall, or auditorium where there's already an existing sound system. Or maybe you already have an installed system, but the sound quality is sub par. Many times presentations and speeches can happen spontaneously, and the sound system needs to be able to keep up. "Portable" has been an important factor for sound system manufacturers for decades. While some have portable features, portability of the entire system is a different story. To Anchor Audio, portable means that anyone can set up and operate the system anywhere in a matter of minutes, and then be able to disassemble in the same amount of time.


What Portable Sound Solutions Does Anchor Audio Offer?

For example, our Bigfoot Line Array and Beacon Line Array set up in seconds. The Bigfoot has a handle and wheels for easy transportation and the tower just lifts up and is securly latched by durable rubber holds. Turn the power on, and you're ready to go then just fold it down when done and roll it away. The Beacon comes in a suitcase sized enclosure with a pull-up handle and rolls on wheels for easy transportation. Unfold the Array, flip on the power switch, and you are ready for an audience of thousands in just a few minutes. After you finish, repeat the process and then roll it away.

However, if you prefer a more traditional approach to sound, Anchor Audio offers Liberty, Go Getter, and MegaVox. The Liberty is the company's flagship speaker and has proven to be a durable speaker with quality sound - a crowd favorite. The Go Getter is known to be the Liberty's little brother and is lightweight and small in size - perfect for smaller gatherings. The MegaVox is a horn driven speaker that is ideal for voice amplificaiton. It's throw is well over 300 feet. For all of these portable sound and PA systems, simply carry your speaker and stand (or roll it out using the SOFT-LIB, SOFT-GG, or SOFT-MEGA) to the desired location, place the speaker on the stand, and flip the power switch to on. You're ready to go. 

All of Anchor Audio's portable audio solutions have built-in batteries that last up 6 - 8 hours on a single charge. That means that you can take it anywhere for an extended period of time because you do not require power with the built-in power supply. Made in the USA for over 40 years, Anchor Audio systems are durable and built to last. 


Why Choose a Portable Audio Solution?

Portable Sound Systems can also help cut down on your sound system installation and maintenance costs. Instead of paying for an expensive built-in audio system, set up a Portable System whenever and wherever it is needed. Built-in Sound Systems usually require extensive training in Audio Visual technology to operate them correctly, and repairing the system without a licensed technician onsite can cause even more problems. An Anchor Audio portable system is more robust and can be shipped to the manufacturer for any repairs or upgrades. With Anchor Audio's 6-year warranty, we are confident you will get many years of reliable service from your portable sound system.

Anchor Audio makes their products in the United States using lean manufacturing techniques and advanced technology. Every Anchor product is based on the following three characteristics:

  • Intelligibility - Clear and intelligible voice is what we specialize in. Every Anchor sound system, PA system, speaker monitor, lectern, or intercom provides the clearest voice and music amplification. When you want everyone in the audience to hear every word, choose Anchor Audio. 
  • Reliability - We design and manufacture our systems to be durable, so they can go wherever you need them. Anchor Audio stands behind our commitment to quality with a 6-year warranty on all sound systems. You can rest easy knowing that your Anchor Audio system will give you years of reliable, quality sound. 
  • Simplicity - Our goal is to create systems that anyone can set up and operate. Anchor Audio systems are so easy to use -- they can be turned on and ready to go with one push of a button. There is no need for an expert to install and operate. 

By incorporating these key qualities into every product we make, Anchor Audio has eliminated the problems that are often encountered in the portable audio industry. These key qualities are what set Anchor Audio apart from the industry standard and make Anchor the top manufacturer in portable sound systems.