On Deck

with Anchor Audio

Video of Marching Band using a MegaVox

West Salem High School Marching Band

In this video, the West Salem High School Marching Band is shown rehearsing while using the Anchor Audio MegaVox Pro PA system.  They have attached a metronome to the speaker and are using it to help the drum line march to the beat.  Many marching bands use the MegaVox public address speaker for this reason.  The band director can also use it to give verbal direction to the band while they are playing and still be heard over the noise of all the instruments.  The MegaVox is so loud, it can easily be heard across an entire football field and can reach about 1,000 people. 

"I've used anchor products since 2000.  Every system we use for metronome and voice has been key to our improvement, consistency, and overall success.  Anchor products [like the MegaVox] have become an integral part of the contemporary marching band rehearsal process.  I highly recommend every Anchor product."  

Todd Zimbleman
Director of Bands
West Salem High School 
Salem, OR