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MegaVox Reviews


"The Solid Gold Sound of the UCLA Bruin Marching Band depends on Anchor Audio's amazing speakers for all of our rehearsals.  We've used them outdoors even in freezing weather and rain.  No other speaker system has been as reliable or had such a quality sound."

University of California Los Angeles



"I am the technical producer of the Boston Marathon. I used a MegaVox on the roof of a golf cart to address the volunteers and runners [after the bombing took place]. It was my job to find the stopped runners at Massachusetts Avenue and guide them to safety."

Ed Jacobs



"We use a MegaVox on the firing range and it is very loud. Satisfied with the system overall especially the wireless collar mic."  

Navajo Law Enforcement



"Hail to the MegaVox! My staff and I do not know what we would do without this amplification system. Trying to talk to a marching band spread out on a 100 yard field is simple with the MegaVox. It allows you to sit in a press box to see the overall designs while still being able to communicate to the band members. It saves my voice and makes our rehearsals as efficient as possible. A great feature is the ability to connect a metronome to the MegaVox. When you are finished for the day, just recharge it and you’re ready to go again. It does not require much maintenance, and we use the MegaVox all year round. It’s a great public address sound system."

Nogales High School



"I am an auctioneer and needed a portable PA that would be battery-operated for outdoor use. The MegaVox worked great. I was 'SOLD!'"  


Kernesville, NC



"Since 1996 Morelli Ministries Int'l began a vision to plant worldwide 1,000 teams for remote evangelism. We equip these teams with the MegaVox portable sound system from Anchor Audio. I have placed these systems throughout Tanzania, Cameroon, Chad, Rwanda, Haiti and India. The systems are light weight, powerful, durable and work very effectively in public gospel outreaches. I did lots of research and found the Mega-Vox to be the best sound system for the best price. You can hear the sound clearly for more than 1/4 of a mile from the source. Their customer service and product delivery is also excellent."

Morelli Ministries International



"The MegaVox is the best unit on the market, when it comes to portable PA systems. In addition to being the best sounding (no tinny horn sound), it has plenty of power output and the battery will last ALL DAY! Once you've owned one of these, you won't even think about another portable PA."

Jim Ford

Professional Auctioneer & Auction Marketing for the 21st Century



“Anchor Audio came through with a promised product, the MegaVox, and it was wonderful.  It’s very loud and covers our crowds of over 1,000 people.”

Christina Hanzel-Bianca

Youngstown, OH

Air Force Base



"I've used Anchor products since 2000.  Every system we use for metronome and voice has been key to our improvement, consistency, and overall success.  Anchor products [like the MegaVox] have become an integral part of the contemporary marching band rehearsal process.  I highly recommend every anchor product."  

West Salem High School

Salem, OR



"I have used my new MegaVox Pro Wireless PA system for three auctions now and have really been impressed with how nice the sound system is and the area it covers and also how lightweight and portable it is. We also use this system for Bingo every week and have never had a problem with how it works and functions. For anyone looking for an awesome wireless portable PA system I would highly recommend purchasing a MegaVox Pro PA system."

Marc Prestby

Owner, Prestby Auction Service

Canton, MN



"I have had one of these for 11 years now and its the best system around. I use it for auctions and it has been in fields, swamps, auction barns, exposed to everything. Cover it with a trash bag when its raining and go. Its runs 20 hours a week year round. It was send back to Anchor for a new battery and terminals about year six and the shipping cost more than the parts as I am in WV and they in CA ( I had it back in a week) . I Have had several PA systems this is the only one we use now. The best part of it is battery life in the field after 10 hours of auctioneering its still going strong on a hot day. Its only weakness is volume control is on the main unit itself and not the handset. I have never had the wireless signal break. They offer a weatherproof headset if you are outside I think the advertise it for aerobics instructors I would recommend it. I'm on my third one, but it take serious abuse. If your going to abuse your system by this one. I've seen mine roll down a hill and its still a ticking."

Stephen R.



"This system is amazing. It is easy to use and easy to set up. It doesn't take up much room when it's stored either. It is great for organizations big or small, that need a powerful and dependable system. Anchor really builds their stuff to last."

H. Brandstatter



“Without the MegaVox, there is a high chance our band director would have lost her voice more than once trying to yell from one side of the field to the other. We are extremely satisfied with the Anchor Audio MegaVox. It has been a great addition to the band, worked extremely well for our program, and has helped us improve greatly over the past couple years. The MegaVox system is doing everything we want and need and more!” 

Annika Pracher

Head of Fundraising

Tuscarora High School Band



"I needed a good portable system as an auctioneer, so I did a lot of asking around. The answer was resounding "Megavox!" I bought my Megavox and was very pleased. A week later, I was at my town's 95th anniversary celebration. Right before the festivities began, the wind knocked out the power killing the large sound system that was set up on Main St. They were ready to sing the National Anthem, and had no sound system! I offered the Megavox as a temporary solution, and it performed so well, most of the crowd didn't even realize it wasn't the large system. It was a crowd of 500 plus. The Megavox saved the day!"

Stephen Skipper

Skipper Auctions