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"Thank goodness for Anchor Audio! Figuring out the right sound systems - and how to use them - for over fifty music events throughout Balboa Park for Make Music Day was a daunting task. Anchor Audio’s staff was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful and their Beacon and Liberty Systems were perfect for our needs. Rugged, portable and easy to use, they consistently provided great sound for all kinds of events in a variety of locations from open plazas to courtyards and gardens. The inaugural Make Music Day was a huge success and we couldn’t have done it without Anchor Audio’s superior service and high quality sound systems. I cannot recommend Anchor Audio highly enough!!!"

Andy Horwitz


Make Music Day San Diego



"We decided to use Anchor Audio’s Liberty Platinum speakers for one of our annual conferences this year after researching and finding out that their systems were ranked as one of the top PA’s for vocal clarity. The performance, throw distance, soundstage and clarity were outstanding, far exceeding our expectations. The customer service has been incredible and the support provided by their staff, made us feel that we were working with a company that we can rely on. When performance and vocal clarity are a priority, Anchor Audio is the way to go!"

Martin Láhtov

UC System



"I love the freedom to use this unit anywhere. The sound is great. We use the speakers during all of our events on the student union steps. WE use a variety of media, and they all work well. I wanted you to know we are very satisfied with your product."

Jewel Gurule

Gonzaga University



"This system has proven to provide excellent sound for the P.A. at Legion baseball games. Portability is excellent."

Steven Johnson

Cambridge American Legion Post #199 Baseball Manager



"The Liberty Sound System is a fantastic resource for both indoor and outdoor student assemblies, as well as basketball tourneys, walk-a-thons, and fundraising auctions. The CD component is great for providing "walk-in" music for parents nights, and for the lunch room ambiance. CMP also uses the Liberty System at staff development sessions, including PowerPoint Presentations, and Guest Speakers (lapel mic). The System is also useful in amplifying the telephone durin conference calls."

Gary Bowman

California Montessori Project



"We LOVE our Liberty Sound System. We use it EVERY DAY for our outdoor PE classes. We play music to get the kids moving. Every week we have a school-wide assembly and it is so easy to use with the wireless mics. The BEST PART is you can use it ANYWHERE! No power needed."

Pamela Marton

Community Magnet Charter ES



"I purchased a Liberty sound system from Anchor Audio after my Chain of Command saw the Liberty being used by another squadron in Qatar in the Persian Gulf.  It stood head and shoulders above the system we were using at the time.  Jealousy, plain and simple, was the motive for the purchase.  Simply put, we have to have the best.  We use the Liberty in an airplane hangar for large crowds, and the people in the back of crowd can hear every word."

 SK2 (AW)  United States Navy



"We have used Anchor Audio systems for almost 12 years. We purchased a new Liberty sound system, and it has been great. We have the option to plug it in or use the battery powered option which saves time and money on set-up. Bear Lakes and our staff can’t be happier with the service and product we purchased."  

PGA Director of Golf

Bear Lakes Country Club

West Palm Beach, FL 



"Our small YMCA purchased a Liberty Deluxe Package Dual about 2 years ago for use at our summer day camp. It has been a wonderful asset. We begin each day with up beat music that gets the children excited for their day. In the afternoons we use the system to emcee special events like skits and egg drops and such."

Senior Director at YMCA

Middletown, CT



"We use the Liberty Platinum in banquet rooms and outdoor events. We enjoy great sound quality and really like the MP3 player. The zoo used to rent, but now we are proud owners of a Liberty sound system."

Great Plains Zoo

Sioux Falls, SD 



"I am a DJ and use the Liberty system for outdoor weddings & receptions. I really liked the portability and the fact that the equipment was battery powered. I would highly recommend it for outdoor function."

DJ Britt  

Torrance, CA



"I have used my Anchor system for the past thirty-one years.  I now have three Anchor Liberty systems for us in my open-air ministry.  I have had to replace the batteries three times over the past thirty years but this system has continued to provide tremendous flexibility in holding outdoor venues in state fairs, athletic events.  Using two systems to couple together in larger events allows me the flexibility to speak to large audiences with a very good sound reproduction. Often in public address systems there is much static or interference when attempting to hold large outdoor events but with the Liberty Systems working in tandem you really can provide a great sound quality as well as reach a much large audience. I have even used these systems to provide sound for two of my children's wedding reception dances.  The cost of hiring a DJ for one reception more than pays for the Liberty system.  If you just had one or two events a year you could pay for the system itself by the money you would save by not having to rent or hire someone to run sound for your event. I am a great fan of the Liberty system and even more so when we added the wireless microphone to the system. I have looked at other sound systems for outdoor events and have not found anything that approached the Liberty system portability and functionality.  Take it from one who holds several outdoor events each year you can do no better than the Liberty Sound System.  I do not see the purchase of a Liberty system as an expense but rather a great investment. I am a firm believer in your product and have been for the past thirty-one years." 

Phil Nelson


Lakeland Baptist Church



“We were looking for something that sounded great and was wireless, and the Liberty Platinum fit exactly what we needed – perfectly. We use the system inside and outside for special events, warm-up music for our adult basketball league, and as a PA system to introduce the starting lineups. It is super easy to use and I love the Bluetooth option that allows me to connect my iPod without a cord and control songs from anywhere. We are extremely satisfied and would highly recommend this product to any Park and Rec department, based on the quality and functionality. It was super easy to set up and I’m not a tech-savvy guy. I glanced at the manual to figure out how long the battery charge lasts and then immediately began playing it.”

Jared Mull

Recreation Manager

Transylvania County Parks and Recreation



“We think Anchor Audio’s portable audio systems are the only answer to a diverse-usage, traveling PA situation. The feature that got us interested in the first place is — no matter what type of media or input you need — Bluetooth, XLR, 1/4”, 1/8”, RCA, USB, CD, SD card, you name it — the Anchor Audio products accept it. Everything just WORKS. The systems are extremely easy to use, and our customers are always able to recreate the sound set up they need, without the need for technical assistance. As we began to use them, we noticed that the units are not only durable and impact-resistant, but the batteries last for WAY longer than we ever need them to. Most users won’t be as demanding as us, since we’re a rental company that sends our Anchor rigs out to all kinds of events. Anchor Audio is the first place to look for that combo of versatility, portability and durability.”

Dave Cole


Blue River Light and Sound Rental Company