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Beacon Line Array Reviews

Jul 01, 2013


"This unit [Beacon Line Array] Rocks! It is great for outdoor as well as indoor use, and is easy to use. We love that it has so many input options including the ability to use cell phones and iPads as an input."

Teresa Lightle

Educational Technology Coordinator

Butte County Office of Education


"Thank goodness for Anchor Audio! Figuring out the right sound systems - and how to use them - for over fifty music events throughout Balboa Park for Make Music Day was a daunting task. Anchor Audio’s staff was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful and their Beacon and Liberty Systems were perfect for our needs. Rugged, portable and easy to use, they consistently provided great sound for all kinds of events in a variety of locations from open plazas to courtyards and gardens. The inaugural Make Music Day was a huge success and we couldn’t have done it without Anchor Audio’s superior service and high quality sound systems. I cannot recommend Anchor Audio highly enough!!!"

Andy Horwitz


Make Music Day San Diego


"Our Anchor Audio System has changed how we communicate at Camp Gordyland.  We used to be handcuffed into setting up a large speaker system with wires that needed an outlet in order for us to have audio.  We have since used the system on our distant grass fields, beach and inside in our gymnasium with great ease!"

Aaron Britton

Camp Director

Wilton Family Y

404 Danbury Road

Wilton CT 06897



"We love it, everyone is amazed at how easy it is to use and how far we can walk away from it without losing signal. I'm a star for doing the research and picking it out!"




"We brought the beacon for many different programs and special events including Gymnastics Meets, Aqua Zumba, Swim Meets, and other special events.  We most recently used the beacon at the Grand Opening for our new soccer fields at Gillette Soccer Complex.  The beacon worked great!  It was so nice to use the beacon for that up close and personal sound instead of broadcasting a speech from a loud speaker.  The beacon allowed us to move it to the center of the field for great placement for the Grand Opening without the CORD!  We also streamed music from our IPhones to welcome guest as they arrived without needing to hook up any CORDS!  We love the beacon and look forward to using it for more events in the future."

Dana Hall, CPRP

Program Coordinator

Wilson Parks and Recreation


"The Beacon Sound System has been great for our outside events because it small in size, portable, and easy to transport from our support centers to different locations. It is such a versatile system and convenient to use in pretty much any event; symposiums in a lecture hall or rallies outside."

Monica Martine

A/V Services Specialist

The University of Texas at San Antonio



"The Beacon System is one of the best P.A. systems we have ever seen. We use it for ALL of our Jr ROTC events, indoors and out. We love the simplicity and design of this system, in just a matter of minutes we can be ready to use it wherever needed, the youth can set it up and use without any difficulty. THe kids love using it and we don't worry about them damagint it as it is the most durable system we have ever had. The sound quality has never failed us and we take it everywhere we go. Thank you Anchor Audio for making such a great system that is perfect for our needs."

Richard Cage



"The system is amazing and everyone here is completely impressed with the simplicity, portability and excellent sound it produces."

Ryan Smucker



"Last year, I found something I had to have while at a National Championship Track meet, The Anchor Audio Beacon system. Another starter brought this amazing system to the meet and I was immediately sold…and had to have one. It is compact, powerful, pure, and extremely impressive to not only us starters, but the athletes, fans, and coaches. As a USA Track and Field “Master Level” Starter, professionalism is paramount. To that end, the audio equipment I use also must be impeccable, professional, and state-of-the-art. That is why I use Anchor Audio sound systems. I now can present an even more professional image while being the best starter I can be. This is one incredible system. I would recommend it to anyone needing a great sound system for any athletic event needing amplification." 

USA Track and Field “Master Level” Starter

Chico, CA



"The Beacon provides superb sound quality, and the best part is the mobility. With our old PA it took 45 minutes to carry all the equipment, set it up and do a sound check. We now setup in less than two minutes. This system rocks!"

Austin, Texas



"The portability and ease of setup are unmatched by any other product that I have ever used. The Beacon can literally roll to an event and have sound within a few moments. The battery power is great when you are in a location where power is not available. I really like the lights that let you know the battery status. When I am in the field and I see the green light letting me know that the battery is full I don't have to worry that the system will shutdown in the middle of an event! I like the fact that the microphones are useable by all the Anchor Audio products. We can use the same microphone for the Beacon as well as our Liberty's and Xtreme's. The inputs and outputs are versatile and support anything that I have ever needed to plug in. I can use the cord that is attached to the CD player and plug that into my iPod for playback of music. I also very regularly hook in a media breakout box for the local television news and radio stations to record their audio from. I have received many positive comments from the local news media on the quality of the sound."

Robert H. Martin III

MultiMedia Presentation Specialist

Fort Lewis, Washington



“The Beacon System is a life saver…When I first laid my eyes on the Beacon System and read its specs, I had my doubts. They claimed that this portable speaker put out more power and better sound quality than the one we were currently using. My command ended up purchasing two and things could not be any better. To put it simply; THIS SYSTEM ROCKS!! The sound quality is superb. Everything is completely wireless and easy to use. The best part is how mobile it is. It folds to the size of a suitcase that you would carry onto a plane. With our old PA, it took us about 45 minutes to carry all of our equipment, set it up, and do a sound check. We now do it in less than 2 minutes with the Beacon System. Our command now personally requests the use of our systems and as a result, we have just ordered two more. Thank you."

USS George Washington (CVN-73)



"We ordered a BEA-7500MU2 for the Plant City High School Raider Regiment this summer and we love it! A friend of a staff member has one for his band program and has been using it for almost four years now. It's working as well as the first day he took it out of the box. We considered others but ultimately this one was the best option for us.  It's durable and can withstand the requirements of a marching band. It can easily be transported by one student and doesn't require any cables or tripods. Setup time is a minute or less and is very simple. We can run our drill sets with music as well as play music during warm-up block. The 'voice over' music ducking feature comes in handy! Also, the winter guard will be able to utilize it during the spring for rehearsals. It's a great tool for any band program.

For us, this was a 'buy it once buy it right' decision. Kudos on a great product!"

Plant City High School Raider Regiment

Plant City, FL



"The Beacon performs so well and so easily. I’ve had JBL, Bose, Ramsa, and they are so much to carry around. Anywhere we go, with crowds of 1,000 or more, we have no problems. I work with an animal show, and you can’t beat it! Outside it really cuts through everything. I’m really impressed! People say, 'That sound is great! Wow! I can’t believe that sound is coming out of that one column.' You won’t beat the Beacon anywhere – the quality, the value. Everything! In an outside situation, it’s doggone good."




"I am writing to you today to let you know how pleased we are at 742 Signal Squadron with the Beacon System. I have personally used these systems for PA support many times including visits from The Prime Minister of Canada, The Chief Of Defense Staff and other VIP's. As well, these systems have been deployed on various parades and ceremonies such as local Citizenship Ceremonies and our important Remembrance Day Ceremonies. We now strictly use the Beacon PA Systems due to it's ease of use and reliability."

CD, CTech


742 Signals Squadron



"I'm a DJ and mostly perform wedding ceromonies.
I recently purchased a Beacon that I used for the first time last weekend. It was an outdoor event with about 150 people. The unit worked perfectly running off the battery for about a 5 hour event. I would definitely recommend this product to my fellow DJs!"

DJ Reno
San Ramon, CA



"Anchors latest 'Beacon' is used on the governmental airplane of the Prime Minister of India during press conferences held during his flights."

PASS Medien Technik, Germany



"When you sent our last shipment it arrived super fast everyone was shocked.  It showed up at the ship two or three days later.  I was really surprised.  I have to pass on a thank you to the Anchor Audio for the quality of the product too.  We used the Beacon speaker last week for the first time and it performed flawlessly.  We hooked up an iPod and put it on the flight deck for a BBQ while out to sea.  It filled the entire flight deck with even, quality sound.  There were no dead spots and even got some compliments.  A few people asked about it and many people said it sounded great, whatever it was. Quite humorous."

USS John Paul Jones



"Hello I'm Nicoli standing here with the Anchor Audio Beacon, we tested it today at the museum of permorning arts as our set-up. We really liked its versatility and how flexible it was, and all the additional accessories and configurations we get. We're definitely excited about what we can potentially use this for."

UC Riverside, CA



"We have been using Anchor amplified speakers in our school for over 10 years and have been very happy with their performance. Having over 120 speakers installed throught the years I can only recall having a problem with one, so the reliability of your product has been exceptional. I look forward to manymore years of service from our Anchor products."

R. Paul Sollee Jr.

Director of Multiple Information Systems

The Bolles School

Jacksonville, FL



"The Beacon provides superb sound quality, and the best part is the mobility. With our old PA it took 45 minutes to carry all the equipment, set it up and do a sound check. We now set up in less than two minutes. This system rocks!"

Kenneth Faulkner


USS George Washington CVN-73



"In the spring of 2007, one of our New York distributors – Ken Kraft – came on our campus and gave us an actual demo at an event where we needed PA support. We purchase one and was so impressed with its versatility that we purchase four additional ones in less than a year. They are used for both indoor and outdoor activities – sporting events, seminars, homecoming, dedications, meetings, picnics, and club activities to name a few. To say my AV staff appreciates its ease of use is an understatement. It is no longer necessary for us to lug carts with speakers, amps, cables, and tons of gaffing tape. I would highly recommend the Beacon system to any organization."

Lorna Thaxter

Media Servies

Office of Converging Technologies 



"The attraction to the Beacon was the mobility - the collapsible handle and rolling wheels make the Beacon easy to transport by any staff member.  The Beacon is easy to use and very reliable.  You can always count on the Beacon sound system."

Bucky Buchanan

CD C-Tech



"The Beacon is unlike any system I have used before. With most other systems my work and I have used, we have needed to purchase other aspects to cover events that we host. The Beacon system was all in one though. It was able to cover the whole event we were doing which was a charity fundraiser. Not only was it all in one, but there were no cables, didn’t need to worry about it dying (it ran off the battery the entire time), and it was extremely easy to set up. Cords can be extremely dangerous with events that we hold so not having to worry about them at all was a huge bonus. Also, with how much talking is done at events like these, even the people in the back could clearly make out what was being said. It was also nice to only have to rely on one piece of equipment to cover the whole event versus having multiple devices.

Overall, best purchase that my work has made in regards to our events and we have been thoroughly pleased. We would recommend this product to anyone who needs an audio system that is extremely reliable and easy to set up."

Emily D.



"Anchor Audio builds some of the best portable audio products that I have been using for years! The Beacon is hands down one of the most versatile portable audio systems. Aside from it's crisp, quality sound, it really reaches out the the crowd with high watts. The bluetooth is easy to set up and the wireless mics allow you to move a good distance away from the speaker. One of the best parts is that it has a built in battery that will last 6-8 hours between charges. I can take this to tail-gate parties, out on the shooting range, in the back yard for BBQ's and never have to worry about running out of power if I don't have an outlet. Finally the Beacon is backed by Anchor's 6 year warranty! I don't know any other manufacturer who offers a 6 year warranty on their products. If you are looking for a portable system... the Beacon is THE BEST choice."

Jeff Pufahl