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AN-130+ Reviews


"Our AN-130+ helps increase student attention. Our teachers use the AN-130+ everyday, they are wonderful."

Berlin Elementary
Berlin, VT 



"We purchased the AN-130+ Basic Package for use in our training seminars. We needed something sturdy and portable enough to withstand travel to multiple sites throughout the school year. This system fills those needs while providing amplification that is surprisingly rich for it's compact size."

The Santa Cruz/Silicon Valley New Teacher Project
Santa Cruz, CA



"We use the AN-130+ with our projector/DVD/internet for sound reinforcement in an auditorium.   I never set up a sound project with out one of our speakers. We love it!"  

Averill Park High School
Averill Park, NY  



"We Love It!! I never set up a sound project without one of our AN-130+ speakers."

Manchester, NJ 



"I use this AN-130+ speaker when I am doing safety training in my warehouse. It works great and is loud enough to get over all the noise. I use it a lot and never have any problems. Definitely recommend it."  

Los Angeles, CA



"We have used the AN-100W for the past ten years, and it has worked out excellent for us. But we wanted to upgrade to the new AN-130U1+ speakers with a wireless receiver.  We use the AN+ series to give presentations to crowds of about 100 people in individual class rooms.  We love the new AN-130U1+!"

York Community High School
Elmhurst, Illinois