ProLink 500 Wireless Intercom - 7 User Package

Package Includes

  • Two master beltpacks (BP-500M)
  • Five remote beltpacks (BP-500R)
  • Choice of seven headsets: Dual muff (H-2000), Single muff (H-2000S), Lightweight (H-2000LT)
  • Two gang chargers (GC-500)
  • Sturdy cardboard carrying case 

Customer Review

I love the ease of use of the ProLink wireless intercom. That's a great selling point to customers - especially churches who deal with volunteers.

Amy Mills
Clark-Powell, Winston-Salem, NC

The Anchor Audio ProLink PRO-540 wireless intercom package is easy to operate and economical, which makes for a perfect application in small theater production. The voice clarity and strong wireless range were unmatched in other intercom systems we have tried.

Bob Kierman
Production Advantage, Vermont

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