Hands-Free Wireless Intercom Keeps Industrial Users Connected: Share Up to 16 Channels, plus PA System- No Base Station Needed

Fri Jan 13, 2006

Anchor Audio releases 16- channel wireless intercom system, that ties into public address system and provides auto lockout security and "all call" capability.

Anchor Audio's PortaCom Pro wireless intercom system is a new dimension in wireless communications and portable PA system. This user-friendly product is ideal for industrial applications of all types, ranging from security to maintenance, emergency crews and supervisors on a production line.

The PortaCom Pro leapfrogs the conventional in-plant communications tools such as PA system, cell phones and walkie-talkies. The use of the patent pending O.P.E.N. (Omni Point Expandable Network) allows an unlimited number of users to share the secured system simultaneously without the need of base station repeaters or active antennae.

Digital key codes allow privacy between users. User Selectable Encryption (USE) is a simple, easy to use encryption selection feature that prevents unwanted eavesdropping. Proprietary addressing codes prevent unwanted noise.

PortaCom Pro can act as a portable PA system for sites that don't have an existing installed system, and cables into existing installed PA system thereby ensuring users access to public address messages.

Comfortable, full sized noise canceling headsets are available in single or dual earmuff design. Lightweight single ear headsets are also available that provide clear intercom reception yet enable users to hear nearby ambient sounds for added safety.

The new PortaCom Pro is the only full duplex (two-way simultaneous) 2.4 GHz World Wide Range professional wireless intercom system combining an automatic lock-out feature to keep conversations to two speakers at a time for maximum understanding. An "All Call" channel allows any user to speak to everyone in a group. When the "All Call" operator stops speaking, all users conveniently and automatically revert to their original channel selection. The "All Call" operator switches to another channel to disengage the feature.

Stand-by listening, conferencing, and tie-in to public address system or other communications channels is interference-free, because PortaCom Pro's use of spread spectrum technology and 2.4 GHz frequency (no licensing required) shields users from interference by other 2.4 GHz communications devices and in-plant electronics. Anchor Audio's wireless intercom systems portable public address systems and have excellent worldwide reception, and are ultra secure from unwanted noise.
< br> Allowing up to 15 simultaneous groups to operate on 15 user group channels (optionally including PA system) and a separate "All Call" channel, the PortaCom Pro can bring any size group together for priority calls. Each user group can contain an unlimited number of users within a range of approximately 700 feet.

Designed for simplicity, as all other Anchor Audio PA systems, the PortaCom Pro wireless intercom can be used by anyone. Getting started is as simple as connecting the headset to the body pack; wearing the headset and positioning the body pack on a belt or pocket; then turning it on and starting communication.

For more information about the BEACON, contact Debbie Lombard at Anchor Audio Inc.; 2565 West 237th Street; Torrance, CA 90505; (800) 262-4671, visit