Go Getter Deluxe AIR Package Dual

Package Includes

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  • GG-8000XU2 with Bluetooth, AIR wireless companion transmitter, and two wireless receivers
  • Go Getter AIR battery powered wireless companion speaker (GG-AIR)
  • Two heavy duty speaker stands (SS-550)
  • Choice of two wireless transmitters: WH-8000 Wireless Handheld Mic or WB-8000 Beltpack
  • Choice of wireless handsfree microphone (if you chose the WB-8000 Beltpack): Headband Mic (HBM-TA4F), Collar Mic (CM-60), UltraLite Mic (EM-TA4F), or Lapel Mic (LM-60)
  • Includes 3.5 mm AUX cable

Customer Review

The [Go Getter] sound system arrived today and it is wonderful! High marks to whoever designed this system. We set it up this morning and it is super easy to use and sounds great! It is going to be a great addition to Girl Scouts. Very useful at events and programs and lots of uses at our summer camps.

Sue Perles, CEO
Girl Scouts of Alaska

The flag football and cheerleading teams LOVE the Anchor audio system. Its working great! The soft cover has pockets on both sides, which can each store a mic and cord with room to spare. Aside from the speaker in the case, we have a bag that holds a speaker stand and a couple of mic stands and that’s the whole system! One person can easily carry it all in a single trip. The Go Getter has a nice grippy grab handle and there is a flap that lets you access the carry handle with the cover in place. It’s perfect.

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