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Anchor Audio Schools Universities
Anchor Audio Ultimate Audio Buying Guide - Schools & Universities

All the information you need to know about successfully tackling and implementing audio solutions in a variety of applications across your school or university is now in one toolkit.

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Anchor Audio Classroom Amplification
Audio Buying Guide - Classroom Amplification

Enable every student in a classroom to clearly hear all the speech components of the teacher’s or instructor’s voice no matter where a student is seated relative to the teacher’s position in the room. And/or increase student involvement and interactions during activities or presentations.

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Anchor Audio Indoor Outdoor Events
Audio Buying Guide - Indoor & Outdoor Events

Enable all instructors, students, and attendees to hear clear, intelligible speech and music at a large event. Provide an effective audio solution that can be utilized in various applications – both indoors and outdoors – and is budget conscious.

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Anchor Audio Athletics
Audio Buying guide - Athletics

Provide a loud, portable, and durable audio solution for coaches and announcers for both indoor and outdoor practices, games, and tournaments.

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Anchor Audio Band and Color Guard
Audio Buying Guide - Marching Band & Color Guard

Provide a loud, portable, and durable audio solution for directors and announcers at both indoor and outdoor practices, performances, and competitions.

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