AN-1000XWPP+ Wireless Presenter Package

AN-1000XWPP+ Wireless Presenter Package
Package Number: AN-1000XWPP+

Package Includes

  • AN-1000XF1+
  • AN-1001X+ unpowered companion speaker
  • Two speaker stands (SS-250)
  • Wireless handheld mic (WH-8000)
  • Companion speaker cable - 1/4" phone plug - 50 ft. (SC-50)

Customer Review

"The Anchor AN-1000X+ is our go-to solution for a variety of applications: near-field monitoring, stage wedge, center fill, and even PA for a small gathering. Its compact size and great sound response are ideal for just about any situation you put it in."

Matthew McCracken, California
Let’s Create Something, Inc.

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