Anchor Audio Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions regarding our portable sound systems.
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Q: There is a low level noise coming from my sound system when the speaker is idle. Is this normal?

A:When your sound system is on, speakers often have what is called “white noise” particularly when the treble control is turned to the high position. This is not a defect but is a function of the electronic design that allows our sound systems to produce satisfactory audio levels with high battery efficiency.

Q: There is no sound coming from my system, what should I do?

A: Flip the systems power switch on and check the battery indicator light. If the LED light does not turn on or is flashing, then your battery needs to be recharged. Simply plug the system into a nearby outlet using the systems power cord. Leave the system charging overnight for a fully charged battery the next day. You can still operate the sound system while it is charging. To learn more on how to take care of your systems battery, from maintenance to replacing the battery yourself, we recommend checking out the "How To" section on our youtube channel.

Q: My wireless microphone/belt pack does not work, what's wrong?

A: First check that the AA batteries in your handheld microphone or belt pack are good. You can quickly do this by turning on your mic or belt pack and noting whether the red LED light flashes once and stays on, indicating good batteries. If the light does not flash at all or continuously flashes then the batteries need to be replaced.

If your microphone is still not working, double check that you have matched the frequency number on the mic or belt pack with the same frequency number on your sound system.

Q: What do I do when my sound system is picking up interference?

A: The best way to get rid of interference is to try a different frequency channel on your sound system and dial in the same frequency on your microphone or belt pack. With up to 16 channels to choose from you're sure to find a clear channel.

Q: How do I stop from getting feedback through my sound system?

A: Move further away from the sound system when using your microphone. You can roam up to 200 feet away with a wireless mic, just be sure to turn the mic off when you approach the unit to change out CDs or adjust the volume. Please also remember not to stand directly in front of your system, as this can also cause feedback.

Q: Where do I place my sound system to get the best sound distribution?

A: Place your sound system approximately 10 feet from the first row of the audience and in the center of the room or field, see below illustration. The speaker should be at the head-height when facing the audience. If you are using a companion speaker to cover a large crowd, place the speakers on either side of the stage or presentation area for the best distribution.

Q: Can I daisy chain multiple AN-Mini sound systems together?

A: Yes! By using the line output feature on the back of the AN-Mini, simply plug in any 3.5mm stereo cable to the AN-Mini's line output connection and the other end of the cable into the second AN-Mini's line input. Repeat this step for adding more AN-Mini systems. IMPORTANT: When connecting multiple AN-30 units (daisy chaining) a stereo cable MUST be used to avoid interference.

Q: What wireless frequency does Anchor Audio operate in?

A: As of August 1st, 2014, in the USA, Anchor Audio wireless products operate in the 540-570 Mhz range. All 8000 and F1 series products with wireless capabilities will have this frequency. Prior to August 1st, 2014, Anchor Audio wireless products were manufactured and operate in the 682-698 MHz range. This corresponds with products in the 7500 and U1 series. In Europe our products operate in the 863-865MHz range.

Q: What is the gain knob on the wireless beltpack and what does it do?

A: The gain knob controls the sensitivity of the mic. Because various mics with different sensitivities can be used with the wireless beltpack, the gain knob allows all of them to be calibrated for the right situation. In addition, people speak at different volume levels and the gain knob can be used to adjust for that as well. If the system volume is all the way up and you are still not loud enough, simply use the key to turn the gain knob clockwise. If you are too loud or you are hearing distortion, turn the gain knob counter-clockwise. Wireless beltpacks are shipped with the gain set at halfway.

Q: I am having issues with my system battery. What are my options?

A: Please refer to your system manual (can be found on the product page for each product) for general battery maintenance and use instruction. If your battery has retired and needs to be replaced, please review our videos on at-home battery replacement, or call our technical support at (800) 262-4671 Ext. 782. We find that simply purchasing replacement batteries and following the instruction in our specialized videos is often the easiest choice for our customers. Goto to find replacement parts and batteries.

Q: Why doesn’t Anchor Audio use Lithium Ion batteries in their Sound Systems?

A: While Lithium-Ion batteries pose many benefits to a Portable Sound System, they also pose many risks, which ultimately cause them to be unpractical. In addition to the astronomically higher cost (to both the manufacturer and customer), there are tight shipping regulations for Lithium-Ion batteries that would make it very difficult for Anchor, our dealers, and customers to ship our product. Furthermore, in light reoccurring issues surrounding Lithium-Ion batteries in the news (melting, catching fire, exploding), we want to avoid making the use of a PA System dangerous. We continue to monitor the R&D in the battery world as to provide the best products possible to our customers.

Q: How long is Anchor's product warranty?

A: Anchor Audio products are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the period of SIX (6) YEARS from the date of original purchase unless listed below:

  1. All microphone and beltpack transmitters shall be warranted for a TWO (2) YEAR period.
  2. Batteries shall be warranted for a TWO (2) YEAR period.
  3. PortaCom and ProLink 500 headsets and belt packs shall be warranted for a TWO (2) YEAR period.
  4. CouncilMAN and Assistive Listening systems shall be warranted for a TWO (2) YEAR period.
  5. All woodworking shall be warranted for a TWO (2) YEAR period.
  6. All cases and covers shall be warranted for a TWO (2) YEAR period.

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