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Assistive Listening

Posted by TaylorM

Hearing is not always all or nothing. Assistive Listening Device's help individuals hear more clearly and audibly by minimizing background noise, reducing effects of distance between the sound source and the individual, and overriding echo.

Read more | Oct 24, 2016

Bigfoot & Beacon Line Array’s Upgraded to Include AIR Wireless Capability

Posted by BethanyD

CARLSBAD, Calif. – Anchor Audio, Inc. has announced the newest arrival to the Anchor AIR product line – the Bigfoot and Beacon AIR. The company first released the AIR wireless companion technology in June 2016 at the InfoComm International trade show, and was initially only featured in the Liberty Platinum and MegaVox Pro product lines. Shortly after InfoComm 2016, the company added the Go Getter to the AIR product line by popular request. The Bigfoot and Beacon line array’s now offer the AIR wireless technology...

Read more | Oct 21, 2016

Customer Review: Minivox for Tour Guides

Posted by TaylorM

Peter Jensen, President of the Torrey Pines Association, shares his love of the Anchor Audio MiniVox.

Read more | Oct 19, 2016

⚓️ What's New at Anchor Audio?

Posted by BethanyD

In this issue:
· Extra savings on the Liberty Platinum packages
· Go Getter vs. Explorer - the Explorer will discontinued January 2017
· NEW! Bigfoot & Beacon AIR
· Happy Halloween from all of us at Anchor Audio
· Connect With Us

Read more | Oct 13, 2016

Customer Review: ProLink Intercom System for House of Worship

Posted by TaylorM

Adrian Dominguez and Justin Gonzalez from My Father’s House Apostolic Church explain how they use the Anchor Audio ProLink 500 wireless intercom system in their house of worship applications.

Read more | Oct 05, 2016

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